Shield Attack

A gesture based mobile-desktop game




Rank Player Monsters Killed Buildings Destroyed Final Score
1st Asdrubal Inojosa Asdrubal Inojosa 679 887 42715
2nd Manoj Up Manoj Up 607 823 42710
3rd Ivory Tul Ivory Tul 784 612 40600
4th Андрей Алинов Андрей Алинов 675 563 37885
5th Юра Горбачёв Юра Горбачёв 482 387 35220
6th Evgeny Kirichenko Evgeny Kirichenko 472 329 34395
7th Juan Manuel Gomez Cerezo Juan Manuel Gomez Cerezo 448 198 33450
8th Stephan Bischof Stephan Bischof 446 470 33180
9th Кирилл Морозов Кирилл Морозов 509 355 31605
10th Pedro Gomez Pedro Gomez 451 241 30565



Shield Attack Gameplay Shield Attack Gameplay Shield Attack Gameplay Shield Attack Gameplay


Mobile of the Day FWA 26 June 2012

Top 10 hottest apps AppBrain 17 June 2012

“... is undoubtedly one of the most original games we’ve seen in ages. Simple, elegant, and beautifully done. With the low, low price of free, what are you waiting for?” Android Police 13 June 2012

“It is easy to get excited when game developers look outside the box and change up the way we think of mobile gaming.” Droid-Life 25 June 2012

“... is a new gesture based mobile-desktop that offers real Nintendo Wii-esque motion controller gaming experience with a smartphone.” ★★★★★ Technie Buzz 24 June 2012

About Shield Attack

A Finger Flickin’ Shield Attack!!!

This App is a remote controller for a desktop based web game.


It’s Time Crisis, with a Shield! This App turns your phone into a Shield! Enter the City invaded by Aliens, train to become a SuperHero by flicking shields and wipe ’m out!


1. Download the App, sync your device by entering the connection code and flick shields from your mobile!

2. Battle it out with your Friends. Have a finger flickin’ awesome time with up to 3 PLAYERS!

3. Both, Mobile and Desktop, need to be connect to WiFi. For best performance, your broadband should be above 2Mbs.


1) Flick fingers on screen to shoot shields, define altitude of shot by tilting the device up or down.
2) Imitate a throw gesture and hold your phone tight!


Shoot Shields with Real Throw Gesture
Hostile Alien Monsters
12 Atmospheric Levels
Completely obliterate the City!
An exhausting amount of Enemies
Multiplayer Carnage Battles
Global Facebook Leaderboard
Finger flick Shields on both iOS + Android


In case you are experiencing any connection problems, please close and reopen the App and refresh the Browser. Thank you and enjoy!


Creative:Stephan Bischof

Designer:Lok Neville Lee

Mobile Developers:Keita Kuroki, Maciej Zasada, Filippo Tosetto

Unity Developer:Andrew Oaten

Front-end Developer:Sam Brown

Back-end Developer:Artjom Vassiljev

3D Designer:Sophie Langohr

Character Designer:Hafiz Abdul Aziz

Producer:Josselin Milon

Technical Partner:Gilles Boisselet

Video:Stephan Bischof, Tamas Olajos